Knife Sharpener


About this item

  • Multifunctional 3 in 1: Includes rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing. Tungsten steel grooves is used for rough grinding and passivating metal knives ; Ceramic groove is used for trimming and polishing the edges, suitable for light grinding of sharp tools
  • Easy to use: Replace traditional grindstone. Insert the knife into the guide groove, pull the blade from the heel to the tip, repeat 3-5 times. Quickly sharpen the knife within 5 seconds, make it easy for you to chop bones, cut meat and fruit .
  • Comfort and safety: Knife sharpeners are made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, which is strong, durable, and has a long service life. Non-slip rubber base can ensure stability and safety, and prevent the sharpener from slipping
  • Easy to clean: Press the recessed position of the bottom of the sharpener and the joint part of the knife head to remove the grinding head for easy cleaning.